By: Margaret Rebgetz  25-Oct-2012
Keywords: Anxiety Counselling, Depression Counselling, Stress Counselling

Margaret offers a personable approach to listen to what her clients are seeking in terms of issues of concern and what they are hoping to achieve and obtain from the therapy. Different options are offered as a means of achieving these goals, such as strategies to assisting in coping with current distress alongside of ways to assist in understanding what is happening for them. Cognitive-behavioural interventions (CBT) or problem solving are some of the ways to achieve short terms resolution to problems. However, some problems may have developed over a long period of time and hence short terms solutions may not be available. For those in this position, the option of longer term work of psychotherapy is offered. This is a form of therapy which provides the opportunity to get to know and understand themselves more and learn how to live with who they are.

Keywords: Anxiety Counselling, Counseling, Depression Counselling, Depression Therapy, Grief Counselling, Stress Counselling