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By: Hypnosis Therapy Clinic  16-Mar-2016
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Feeling fear is a normal and natural human response, it keeps us safe, but when the fear response is triggered constantly and the response is disproportionate to the perceived threat, life gets very tiring and difficult for that individual.

How does fear work?
If there is fear in your mind, your imagination will create a channel for the fear to flow through, even if there is nothing life threatening that is happening at the moment. Even if there is nothing to fear, you may sometimes actually be scared.

In a state of fear, your imagination provides a lot of inputs for your mind to consider as real evidence. So fear will make up stuff and then get you to believe it. Uncontrollable fear is often because of a very colorful imagination. The most efficient way to quell your fears is to train your imagination through hypnosis.

Fear is not always bad. It can be a great motivator provided you get just the right amount of scared at just the right time. But the problem is that it can actually cause you to move away from things that are good for you. Fear is pretty much like a fierce guard dog. You just need to train it properly and it will be a reliable companion which will alert you to danger.

Retrain your instincts through Hypnotherapy For Anxiety:
The secret to controlling your fear is to train your instincts by behaving in a particular way. Make yourself feel calm when you imagine yourself in a fearful situation. This will train your instincts to produce a sense of calm even when the situation actually transpires. The best time to do this is during hypnosis. Anxiety hypnosis can be used to prime your fear instinct and hypnotically rehearse fearful situations while feeling relaxed and calm.

If you feel like anxiety and fear is taking over your life, remember that help is at hand. Anxiety hypnosis can lead you right out of this fearful rut.

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