Planning Your Fraser Island Night Life Tours in Australia

Planning Your Fraser Island Night Life Tours in Australia from Fraser Island Tours | Fraser Island Tourism | Fraser Island Packages

By: Fraser Island Tours | Fraser Island Tourism | Fraser Island Packages  07-Jul-2016
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Fraser Island tour in Australia can be one of the most exciting and fun filled tours of your life. This beautiful sand island which is the largest in the world is filled with a variety of natural attractions. You can Swim Snorkel or Dive under water to see the colourful corals and discover a wide variety of marine plants and animals. Relax on the soft sands of the pristine beaches and get a feeling of being on an exotic island. But in Fraser Island you’ll not stop there, but go to the Desert like area complete with sand dunes and sand blows, Rainforests, fresh water lakes and lagoons which give the island a whole new dimension and the green cover and water bodies are home to a large variety of small mammals and birds. Covering a huge area of 184,000 hectares, World Heritage Listed Fraser Island is not only a gateway for the domestic tourists but is one of the most sought after tour destination for people all over the world. To enjoy a hands free and totally relaxing vacation most of the people opt for package tour operators who sometimes doesn’t deliver what they promise. So if you are planning for Fraser Island Tours then go for the best. Sunset Safaris has been a part of Fraser Island tourism for the past 15 years and is one of the most well established tour companies in the Queensland area. They offer a variety of tour packages including 2 and 3 day tours, 4WD tours and snorkelling tours. The sandy terrain of the island is a dream destination for the 4 WD enthusiasts. The agency has a good number of 4WD coaches and smaller vehicles with all forward facing seats which are way better than the side seats. The huge windows are the best way to see the passing landscapes and also to take pictures if you want. All Fraser Island tour packages include free room upgradation and a free tour of the famous Cooloola National Park where you can take a break journey and see some beautiful sites like the colorful Rainbow Beach with 72 shades of sand, Teewah Beach along which you'll go for a 4 WD drive, Red Canyon, spot some marine animals from Double Island point and if lucky then see the wild kangaroos in Noosa. The tour guides having in depth knowledge of the island, prepare the itineraries with attention for details. Thus you get to see all the natural attractions like the 75 mile beach, Yidney dripping rocks, Indian Head, Maheno Shipwrecks, Perched lakes and Central stations and have enough time to indulge in other adventure activities. The beautiful water world can be best explored during your snorkelling tour. All equipment and wet suits are provided for and the shallow yet crystal clear waters near the Maheno Shipwreck site will help you to see the wonderful colors of the corals, variety of reef fishes and innumerable number of aquatic plants and animals. The night kayaking near the same shipwreck site will take your breath away as the underwater lights cast an eerie glow as you embark on your nightly adventure. Sand tobogganing is one of the most exciting activities on Fraser Island, where you climb a sand dune and come down at a speed of 50 to 70 km per hour holding on to a sand board. With all such activities in the daytime Fraser Island Night Life is for relaxing with friends at Eurong resorts or taking a walk under the star studded sky with your loved ones. With everything looked after by the tour company, you can have the time of your life. For more details about Fraser Island Holiday Package just move on

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