The Magnificent Fraser Island Night Life Tour Australia

The Magnificent Fraser Island Night Life Tour Australia from FRASER ISLAND TOUR

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To see the grandeur of the largest sand island on the planet and enjoy its natural attractions, most of the tourists visiting Australia choose the number one tour operator in the Queensland area – Sunset Safaris. This company which has been operational since the last 15 years is doing great work in Fraser Island tourism. The tour packages offered by them are all inclusive, has a lot of free stuff that actually make it extremely attractive and the best part is that for the people doing direct booking, there's the price match guarantee. All Fraser Island tours include a free tour of the famous Cooloola National Park. The tours operate from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Noosa. For the sandy terrain of the island, the tour company has extremely comfortable and very stylish 4 WD coaches with huge picture windows from where everybody can see the beauty of nature without any obstacle. Tour of Cooloola doesn't take you away from Fraser Island, being next door to it and in fact saves some time as it's a short cut between Brisbane and your destination. Here you'll able to see the colourful Rainbow Beach, go for a 4 WD drive along the Teewah Beach, spot some marine creatures including whales, sharks, turtles and dolphins from Double Island point and wild kangaroos in Noosa. The tour can be on the way to or from Fraser Island and the beach way is much more enjoyable than the normal road trip could have been. Stretching for almost 123 kilometres in length, World Heritage listed Fraser Island covers a whopping 184,000 hectares area wise and the tour company does its best to show the tourists all the major attractions. As the tour operators have secured the permits for all the activities and to show all possible places, you'll have a great time exploring this fascinating place. Fraser Island Holiday Packages are pretty varied and depending on your time and budget you can choose from 2 or 3 day eco adventure tours or merge it with the Great Barrier Reefs tours for an ultimate Australian vacation. The famous sand dunes on the island are ideal for sand tobogganing. Enjoy the thrill and excitement by coming down from the top of a dune at a speed of 50 to 70 km per hour, holding on to a sand board. The spectacular Blue Lakes will welcome you with its cool crystal clear waters and sandy beaches and the perched lakes like Lake Birrabeen, Mckenzie and Wabby are wonderful creation of nature which surprisingly has no underground water source. Swimming and Snorkelling around the Maheno shipwreck site is ideal to get familiar with the water world with its innumerable flora and fauna. Going for long hikes in the rainforest trails will take you to central station where the nature lovers can spot many varieties of mammals and birds, for which the island is a safe haven. Fraser Island Night Life is absolutely magical. Swimming in the Ocean, walking under a star lit sky, beach parties or relaxing in the Eurong Resort with a chilled glass of drink by your side can be the best possible option. But the night tour is not complete till you go for night kayaking to see the Maheno shipwrecks. With the underwater lights casting an eerie glow, the place looks similar to scenes from old pirate movies of Hollywood. Whether you opt for the 2 days tour or the 3 days one, you'll have the best possible time with Sunset Safaris. For more details about Fraser Island Tours just move on

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