By: FINH  13-Nov-2013
Keywords: Family Business, Owned Family Business, Locally Owned Family Business

Vizion assists business owners to develop a framework for determining immediate, clear and concise strategic direction for their business. It is a 1-2 day scoping and brainstorming session that will deliver a revived business strategy and a refreshed business outlook for your organisation. Vizion will help you to define a structured and professional approach to the review and decision making process. Your business value lies at the heart of this strategic planning service. It identifies business valuation under past strategies and develops new strategies that will meet the valuation you are aiming for. Who Uses Vizion? Business Owners or Directors who are seeking a clear and documented direction, often at a critical strategic moment in the life of the business. Businesses where: growth has stalled, there are structural changes in the business, the business may be preparing to export, there may be succession issues or the business goals may have changed due to market forces. Business owners who know the biggest risks are to do nothing or to slavishly do what you have always done. What are the benefits of using Vizion? It will give you focus, direction, clarity and alignment of business goals Inspire commitment & enthusiasm to progress and grow your business. Provide the drive to make the changes needed to bridge the ‘success gap’ between the current performance and your desired aspirations. Provide an accelerated move to make changes which enhance your business value.

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