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By: Direct Compost Solutions  01-Jun-2016
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There are many different compost bins on the market. Although they have their uses, and they may suit some people and situations, they did not meet my needs of busy, inner city living. I found nothing existed commercially, that was cheap and easy to use.

Then a friend of mine told me about a home made method she used. However when I tried it, I found this also didn’t suit my needs, as it was visible in my garden, unsightly and didn’t keep vermin out.

The birth of COMPOT…
So I set out to make a common idea commercially viable for everyone and anyone who wanted a simple form of composting and recycling. I wanted something that was easy to install, easy to remove, easy to use, required little to no work to install or maintain, didn’t look ugly and didn’t take up space in my garden…
Something that was safe, kept vermin and toddlers out. Something that was light and easy enough even for the elderly or young children to use. Something that could fit either a small garden or large garden, that would suit a small family or large family, that was not an ugly eye soar in the garden and something that I just fill and forget about (no turning or emptying) till I needed to fill it again.

And so was born the COMPOT.

The lockable reversible lid evolved as I experimented with various ways and methods of direct composting, trying to make the COMPOT invisible in the garden and secure from animals. This now meant it can be mowed over, which is a bonus for me, as I mow right up to the trunk of a number of my trees that are not in a defined, edged garden space.

And then came the COMPOTTOP…

The COMPOTTOP followed as I realized there was a use for the upturned lid. While not every gardener will want to use theCOMPOTTOP, I use mine to propagate herbs that will end up on my balcony, and then the cooking pot. The Top can also be used directly in the garden eliminating one step in the propagation process.
This of course is ideal for busy people like me, who have no time to spend propagating seedlings in little pots, then replanting them in the garden. I wish I had the time!

I honestly don’t have the time to compost using traditional composting methods, but with this method I do – so not only do I help the environment by recycling my waste, I have gained beautiful, healthy plants. In addition I reduced my council waste from one full rubbish bin each week, to a quarter full bin every two weeks.
I can now trade in my big council bin for a cheaper smaller bin and thus reduce my council rubbish costs.

I hope you all find the COMPOT as easy and rewarding to use as I do, and I wish you happy easy COMPOTing!

Cheers, Vicki

PS. Success stories and solutions to any problems will be uploaded on my blog.

I look forward to hearing from you…

And remember…. Just… FILL … FORGET … REFILL!

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