The Trinity of Luck

By: Centaine Feng Shui Products and Consultations  24-Dec-2010
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In Feng Shui, there are three main categories which describe the type of 'luck' we experience in our lives.  The first category is known as Tien Chai (Heaven Luck).  It has nothing to do with religious beliefs or the worshipping of idols.  It refers to the karma, destiny, health predispositions, astrological horoscope and family environment you were inherently born with and is determined by the cycles of time, change and polarity. This type of luck cannot be controlled. You can however, keep an eye on your astrological cycles (eg location of Saturn & Jupiter in your western horoscope), 4 Pillars/Ba Zi luck cycles and/or Zi Wei Dou Shu to help prepare for times when you are more likely to experience generally positive and negative predispositions towards key areas in your life such as health, relationships, career, finances etc.

The second category of luck is known as Ti Chai (Earth Luck).  This type of luck is determined by our surroundings (ie home and landform) and the way in which we orientate ourselves in order to tap into the many positive or negative energy combinations within and around the earth.  This type of luck can be altered when Feng Shui is correctly applied to your living and work environment.  It deals with balance, element cycles, mathematical probability factors, magnetic orientation, surrounding landform and time dimensional (Xuan Kong) analysis.

When you combine your personal orientation within your surroundings with the mathematical Feng Shui formulae created through over 4000 years of careful environmental and statistical observation, then it is possible to tap into a state of synchronicity which can increase the probability of being in the right place at the right time when opportunity arrives.  The benefits of riding this wave of synchronicity differ for each individual, depending on their personal karmic journey and life aspirations.  It can affect all aspects of your life, such as relationships, abundance, success, health, career aspirations and so on.

The final category of luck is known as Ren Chai (the Luck of Mankind).  It refers to your personal attitude, education, managerial and financial ability, lifestyle, virtues, the choices that you make and your personal quest for knowledge.  As an individual, you have full control over this type of luck, and when it is combined with Ti Chai (Earth Luck) through the correct application of Feng Shui, you increase the probability of experiencing greater harmony and contentment in key areas of your life.  

To truly experience the joys which life can offer, you must first examine your attitude and sense of self.  Change your attitude and you can quite literally change your life.  You can utilise positive symbols, words and images within your surroundings to help focus and connect your personal aspirations via your Ren Chai (Mankind Luck) with the appropriate Tai Chai (Earth Luck) location according to favourable Xuan Kong Fei Xing/Flying Star Feng Shui combinations.  

When applying supportive 8 Mansions Feng Shui to your personal work and sleep orientations and the application of balanced Flying Stars and surrounding landform Feng Shui while simultaneously focusing on your goals and aspirations, you should also nurture a positive attitude and actively seek to open and make the best use of the doors of opportunity as they present themselves to you.  Otherwise what use are these opportunities if you spend your life hiding from them?
If you apply Feng Shui principles to your home environment in order to obtain a great job in a certain industry, yet do nothing to further your knowledge, skills and understanding of this industry, then how will you be able to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities when they come your way?  Some individuals develop emotional blockages contained deep within their psyche, which need to be acknowledged and addressed in order to move forward along the great learning curve of life.

Your first goal should be to recognise and combat negativity reinforcers.  Your attitude affects the way in which you see and react to life and those around you, and this in turn affects the way in which people then react to you. When fenging for career success, you also need to address your Ren Chai, especially if you are temporarily lost within a haze of self-doubt, fear of failure and feelings of isolation.  We all deserve to be loved and nurtured, and often our worst enemy is, ironically, ourselves.


* Learn to recognise your personal negative self talk.  We all do it to some extent.  Isn't it ironic the way we can be so caring of others around us, yet so terribly ruthless with ourselves.  Give yourself a break! 

* Don't expect to radically change overnight.  The positive and negative reinforcers in your life have had many years to shape you into the unique individual that you have now become.  Learning to look at yourself objectively in order to recognise certain conditioned responses can be quite difficult, yet also incredibly enlightening.

* Acknowledge each positive step that you take forward.  This varies for each individual.  For some, it may begin with the first phone call you make to promote the skills and experience you can bring to a work environment. For another, it may be the decision to design a business card and actively seek to distribute it to at least three people at your next social function.

* Surround yourself with positive friends and family who will encourage and support you.  When you are feeling vulnerable, it is so easy for negative, self absorbed people to drain you of your sense of self worth and undermine the wonderful attributes which make you the special individual that you are.

* Learn how and when to say no.  This is a crucial step towards reclaiming your personal sense of empowerment.  There will always be people out there who expect too much for too little.  Don't be a victim to their whims.
* Actively seek to learn and experience as much as you can from the people and environment around you.  Knowledge is life with wings.  Find yourself a mentor - someone who you aspire to be like and admire for what they have achieved in their life.  Observe the ways in which they conduct themself in society and be open to their advice and constructive criticism.

* Look after yourself through maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and exercise program.  You can’t expect to think clearly if you are not eating properly.  It’s possible to reduce your stress levels for up to 3 hours simply by exercising for 40 minutes, so next time you start stressing, go for a vigorous walk and use this valuable ‘thinking time’ (while your brain is getting a fresh blast of oxygen from the physical activity), to think logically about your situation and formulate a plan to lessen the emotional impact and work towards a resolution.  It’s so easy to become consumed by negative emotions such as anger or despair and subsequently suffer health-wise as a result.  This is a total waste of energy.  If you find yourself in a position where you start obsessing as soon as you wake up, then it’s time to seriously examine the issue and seek to resolve it through acceptance and forgiveness.  You can’t necessarily change a prognosis or a certain set of circumstances, but you can take full ownership and control of your response to the situation and how you ultimately deal with it.

*Accept that there will be losses as well as wins throughout your life.  Embrace each loss as a valuable learning tool.  Every experience you encounter, helps build character and will prepare you for the road ahead.  There's no point falling to pieces the first time you encounter a knock-back.  Learn from it; persevere with your forward moving steps; develop a lateral thinking style, and you'll find yourself beginning to negotiate potentially negative situations into a more promising 'win-win' experience.


The correct application of Xuan Kong Fei Xing/Flying Stars Feng Shui can help you find and make good use of positive energy locations in and around your home.  Ideally, your bedhead should be against a wall containing positive chor sin/mountain star energy, and there should be active water and frequently used doors and windows in your positive siang sin/water star locations.

Next, you should be aware of the annual feng shui energy influences that occur each year within different compass sectors of the home and office. 

The best way to strengthen your Ti Chai/Earth Luck is to apply Landform and Time Dimensional (Xuan Kong/Flying Star) Feng Shui to your home.  See the Articles and Consultations section of our website for further information.


In Western Astrology, it helps to take note of the position of Saturn (the Task Master/Teacher planet) in your chart.  Whichever astrological house it currently resides in, indicates where your key life lessons will be more likely to occur. The position of Jupiter in your astrological chart also helps determine areas where you are more likely to experience luck potential.  It also helps to take note of forthcoming Mercury Retrograde periods and eclipse dates.  These astrological events can affect communications, contractual problems, delays, travel, machinery breakdown and times of change and unexpected news. 

Our monthly email newsletter subscribers are regularly kept informed of the monthly flying stars and general astrological updates such as Mercury Retrograde and Eclipses. 

Many people seek answers and direction for their Tien Chi/Heaven Luck through various forms of astrology and divination such as the I-Ching, 4 Pillars, western astrology, psychic, tarot and palmistry consultations, angel guides and so on.  These forms of divination may offer certain clues and general themes that may be occurring in your life, however you should remember, this type of luck cannot be controlled.

To make the most of your overall luck potential, you should seek to develop a positive, progressive attitude while applying strategic Feng Shui formulae to your home and work environment, and keeping up to date with major astrological changes and their effect on the general themes running concurrently in your life.  Luck is ultimately when skill and knowledge, plus the right attitude, meet opportunity.  Feng Shui can help open the doorways that attract positive energy, thus increasing the probability of abundance opportunities coming your way.

(Feng Shui Article by Derelle Ball at providing Feng Shui Consultations and Feng Shui Products, Brisbane QLD)


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