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By: Australian Connections Directory  16-May-2016
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Article by: Macrack Australia, 40 Devlan Street, Mansfield Qld http://www.macrack.com.au Nationwide phone line 1800 048 821 Are you looking to store tyres in your automotive garage? Or perhaps you want to store bulk tyres in your warehouse? Perhaps you supply custom tyres for off road or racing? If you do store tyres or want to bulk store tyres, MACRACK has the solution for you. Tyre Racking or Wheel Racking is a simple pallet racking derived system to store; Car Tyres Motor Bike Tyres Truck Tyres Off road Tyres Racing Tyres Bicycle Tyres Trailer Tyres The system allows you to get the tyres off the floor and into a racking system that allows for easy picking. Because the tyres are no longer stacked on the ground on top of one another, you can easily and quickly roll 1,2,3,4 tyres off the racking system without having to go through the labour of moving the tyre stack above the ones you need. This is almost always the case with Murphy’s law; you will need the tyres at the bottom of the pile. Our tyre warehouse system is especially designed to store tyres vertically, a lot like a bookcase. We found over the years that this is an incredibly efficient way to store tyres because they can be rolled off and on the racks without a great deal of effort. They do however sit snuggly within the two beams to prevent them rolling off by themselves. This means that the tyre storage system can store many more tyres safely compared to stacking horizontally, which has inherent dangers of the stack falling over. TURN IT INTO A RAISED STORAGE AREA The bookcase layout of the tyres racking system also ensure that the product can be labelled clearly allowing you to efficiently organise the tyres you store. This is a great time saver for picking / retrieving by your staff because they can know either, where the product locations are, as well as any different product range can be segregated. This system is exclusively for hand picking, which is often incorporated with a Mezzanine Floor to double or triple floor space. Imagine if you could double the floor space in your warehouse whilst still paying the same square meter rates, not to mention all the additional stock you could have! WHAT SIZE SUITS YOU? The beams we use to store tyres are heavy duty Australian made steel that is strong enough to carry the weight of a full load of tyres, yet the system is so flexible that you can adjust the shelf heights yourself. Our remarkable keyholedesign enables the adjustable system to be easily modified, ensuring the product is always being used to its maximum potential. Our system most commonly uses frames that are; 450mm deep for motorcycles & dirt bike tyre storage 600mm deep for typical car & automotive tyre storage 840mm deep for truck & industrial tyre storage The length of the beam (horizontal members), is dependent on your tyre widths and how the shelving will interact with your warehouse. We can custom make (without any extra expense) beams to suit your warehouse, because we make everything on site here. Call MACRACK for a chat about Tyre Storage Systems. We would love to help you out and optimise your space, and your efficiency.

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