Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness

Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness from Australian Connections Directory

By: Australian Connections Directory  16-May-2016
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GK Fit Personal Trainer Redcliffe [email protected]\0413856920 Feeling sore after your workout? We in the biz call this ‘Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness’ (DOMS). Try to see the positives of having worked out some of those sedentary muscle groups. It doesn’t have to be unpleasant or uncomfortable for long though. The following article offers some great suggestions that will help you get back into training sooner rather than later! Article Excerpt by Carol Hannington, Naturopath and Aromatherapist “I often hear at the gym or during a training session “Ouch I’m gonna pay for this tomorrow” etc, of course meaning you are expecting to be sore and unable to move your muscles as freely as you would like to. Well listen up folks!, this doesn’t have to be the case. Sure I feel it after a super hard work out, but, surprisingly my muscles don’t ache. Want to know my secret? It’s simple really, oxidation and relaxation. Hey! What the? I hear ya! But you need anti-oxidants and muscle relaxants. Anti-oxidant- Vitamin C. Take in a high dose after training, say 4 grams and please use a low acid formula with bio-flavonoids, “Blackmores “do a good one. Relax those muscles, again after the workout, take some magnesium as it relaxes your muscles plus you will get a good nights sleep which aids muscle repair.” Ethical Nutrients “do a great product in a powder. Other things to consider are hydration and protein. Make sure you drink plenty of quality water before, during and after. Eat a protein rich meal before you go to the gym. There are also some great supplements to help you with energy levels and recovery such as CoEnzyme Q10, Siberian ginseng, B vitamins etc. Talk to either myself or Valerie and we can further advise you on dietary health.” ♥ Val

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