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By: ACRIS Services  27-Aug-2012
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If your staff are going to be performing high-risk activities on site, you need a safe work method statement (SWMS) prepared that covers each task on your worksite, along with a site safety management plan. Likewise, if you’re hiring subcontractors to work on site, they need to give you a signed, dated SWMS before they start. Working without a SWMS could lead to serious legal consequences for you and your company. Besides, providing a SWMS is the right thing to do, as it tells employees the steps they need to follow to handle work-related tasks without endangering themselves or others. Since each employee has to read and sign a SWMS before starting on-site work, this provides an agreement between you and your workers, ensuring they understand the hazards their duties involve. A SWMS also lets employees know the kind of protective equipment they need, which control measures can be used to reduce risk, and what the risk ratings are for each task. This may sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We provide a free SWMS template you can use to help you write your own, along with a completed SWMS you can use as a model. Analyzing these should help you include all of the necessary details in your own SWMS. If you need more assistance, we can also provide you with a ready-to-go SWMS. Within the construction industry, we provide hundreds of construction safe work method statements for a variety of specialties, covering everything from air conditioning to window installation. We also provide non-construction safe work method statements for dozens of other industries, including retail, landscaping, demolition, hospitality, security, warehousing, pest control, engineering, and more. Remember that the safety of the public is as important as the safety of your employees. With this in mind, we also have a SWMS that covers how to deal with the public on a construction site, along with a similar SWMS for use in non-construction environments, like retail and hospitality settings. We can provide a quote for each SWMS by e-mail. Plus, we always apply a 30% discount when you purchase a SWMS trade bundle. So, do the right thing legally and ethically by ensuring you have a well-written, detailed SWMS in place that covers every high-risk task on your site. It’s for the good of your company, your workers, and the general public as well. More Information

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