This is a sample blog from our website that explains our money back guarantee

By: Surface Master  26-Feb-2013
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The Surface Master Guarantee how does it work ? The Surface Master Guarantee is a pretty straight forward concept. We try not to have a lot of loop holes with hidden terms and conditions. Our goal as a business is to have happy customers for every single job we do. Our business advertises that we pride ourselves on word of mouth, and this reflects in the quality of every job we do, big or small. Our Carpet Cleaning process is to industry standards coupled with quality cleaning products and the best equipment. When you hire Surface Master for carpet cleaning one of the first things you will notice is how much longer we spend in your home. This is because we take the time required to do the job as best as possible. Heavy soiling on a carpet requires extra time to clean so this is what we do. We are Trained and Certified This industry is not regulated which means anyone can buy a machine and start a cleaning service with no training at all. The biggest thing you can learn in training is how not to destroy you customers flooring or property. Surface Master are trained in Carpet Cleaning , Hard Floor Care and Grout Colour Sealing with pest control soon to follow. You should always choose a business that are trained or certified for the work they perform. The Bottom Line Surface Masters Guarantee is simple. If for some reason you are unhappy with our service or the results you have received, we want to hear from you. We can rectify the situation and turn your experience into a happy one. If it means coming back and doing the job over for no cost then this is what we will do. If you are still unhappy with a service and request your money back in full then this is what we will do. We have never had to do this as we leave a trail of happy customers wherever we go. When the job is complete, many customers wave goodbye at the door like they are saying goodbye to an old friend.

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