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By: National Driver Training  15-Apr-2011
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 From Peter - "The vehicle used (Mazda 2) were in excellent nick. Instructor were friendly and really helpful. He were able to focus on my problem areas in order to get me up to scratch for the test. I passed first time without any sweat. I would recommend them to anybody.Thanks guys." From - Dirk - "These guys specialize in license conversions from South Africa (and other countries). The chance of you passing the test if you go in your own vehicle is really low. I paid for the 1 hour lesson and went for the test in their vehicle. Passed easily. You will be amazed how much you can learn in just 1 hour. I would advise you to follow the same path if you need to convert your license. These guys know what they are doing and have a passion for their job. Contact them you won't be sorry."  From Jane - "I added 30 hours to my logbook by taking 10 hour lesson plan. Really helped me a lot. I can honestly say that I now capable to drive a vehicle with confidence. Safety is always first on the agenda which I really appreciated. It made me feel save to drive with the instructor who were always in charge of any situation (they have dual controls). I were helped a few times when traffic were really bad or when I ran myself into a problem. This boosted my confidence and helped me to excel. Instructor were always friendly and made me feel at ease. You can have the same positive experience.Contact them.Thanks you guys. " From Andre Ann - "After 10 lessons I passed my test with flying colours. Even the test instructor complemented me on my driving capabilities. Well done National Training driving School. I can honestly encourage anybody to make use of their friendly professional services. And the pricing is also good." From Tania - "The instructor were really helpful and friendly. I passed my test easily without any worries. Give them a try you will not find better service and quality anywhere else." From Paul - "I just needed a 1 hour lesson and use of the vehicle before going for my test. Man did I learn a lot. I would have failed on my bum. Thanks National Training Driving School you guys are the best." Hannele - "I converted my license from South Africa to Australian and went for a 1 hour lesson and usage of the vehicle. If I did not do this I would have failed and lost money. Thanks for the friendly professional help."

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