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L200 Louvre Galleries The louvre system is designed to control the room environment without restricting views. By a simple adjustment of the louvre blade pitch, strong winds can be toned down to a gentle breeze and rain can be kept out while still leaving the breeze flow through. When closed the louvre creates a seal which allows the room to be air conditioned. By combining a mixture or blade types (glass, aluminium, timber), you can be in complete control, creating the ideal ventalation and shade system for your home, office, school or just about any other place that requires these element to be controlled. Louvre Solutions manufactures both 152mm Louvre Galleries & 102mm Louvre Galleries in your choice of colours. Window Framing Louvre windows are back in fashion with architects, builders and home owners alike. Louvre windows not only look good, they are also functional in controlling the environmental elements of your building. Our window frames are available fully fabricated to your specifications or available in in knockdown kits for your own installation. Louvre Solutions offers 2 very strong and versatile window suites including 48mm framing & 120mm framing.

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