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By: Dr Gary Swift  25-Nov-2013
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Ovulation induction is a technique using medications to induce or enhance egg (oocyte) development in the ovary. There are 2 main techniques used, the first is used for women who are not ovulating spontaneously (irregular or infrequent menstruation). In such cases, the aim is to stimulate the release of one egg a month. This is most easily done by prescribing fertility pills. At the Dr Gary Swift clinic, the options for ovulation induction are Clomiphene tablets in a dose from 25 to 200mg taken from day 2-6 of a cycle (with the first day of a period as day 1). The aim is to induce the formation of one follicle. We accept 2 but in Australia we would cancel a cycle if 3 or more follicles developed to avoid multiple pregnancy. The risk of twins on clomiphene is 1:20 compared to the background risk naturally of 1:80 (triplets 1:1000 cc 1:6400 naturally). If this medication is not effective, then injections of a small dose of gonadotropins may be necessary. To Read More Follow This Link http://www.drgaryswift.com.au/ovulation-induction/

Keywords: Assisted Reproduction, Fertility, Fertility Clinic, Fertility Treatment, Infertility Treatment, Ovulation Induction

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