Male Fertility Treatment

By: Dr Gary Swift  11-Nov-2013
Keywords: Fertility, Natural Fertility, Ivf Support

Male Fertility Treatment We all know about female infertility, but did you know the male factor comes in to play in about 40% of cases? Dr Gary Swift reveals the facts on male fertility and subfertility. How common is male subfertility? In this day and age in an infertility practice as many as 40% of couples will have male factors as the major or at least contributing factor to delayed conception or the need for IVF or assisted reproductive technology (ART) How do we reliably assess male fertility and subfertility? Most cases of reduced male fertility don’t have any identifiable cause. At QFG Gold Coast we rely on the analysis of ejaculated semen after 72 hours abstinence analysed in a specialized laboratory by a qualified embryology scientist. The specimen is often collected at home but can be done on site and needs to be received by the laboratory within 1 hour. To Read More take this link -

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