Business Benchmarking

By: Invoke Results  02-Jun-2011
Keywords: Business Consulting, Business Consultancy, Small Business Advisor

Business Benchmarking is a the process of comparing your business performance against external or peer group organizations, to learn how your performance compares and where (if at all) you can improve.

Benchmarking is an integral part in helping business owners build a better business and Invoke Results and myYardstick Professional provide an affordable and affective solution for organisatons of all shapes and sizes.


  • Knowing exactly how well your business measures up against your strongest industry competitors can benefit your business in many ways;

  • Keep track of your strongest competitors
  • Measure your Profit and Loss and Key Performance Indicators in your business
  • Provides access to more accurate information about your industry sector
  • Benchmark business units and/or franchises performance against each other

to talk about a free trial of Business Benchmarking for your business.

Keywords: Business Consultancy, Business Consulting, Small Business Advisor

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