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By: Aussie Pool Cues  05-Sep-2012

We now sell a growing range of Home Brewing Supplies from spirit essences to additives & oak chips plus brewing & distilling equipment. We also share special rum, bourbon & whiskey recipes as well as cocktail & shooter recipes. We concentrate on customer service, helpful advice, hand hints & top quality products such as Essencia Bourbon & Whiskey chunks that come from genuine used distillery barrels. We stock Essencia spirit essences & flavours, which are made to age & improve plus instant ready to drink essences like Edwards, who get they're alcohol profiles so close to the real thing. Our recipes, like our "Ultimate Rum Recipe" are a clever mix of different flavors, chips, additives & chunks from different suppliers. The different flavors all have their strong points & together produce a rum, bourbon or whiskey that you'll prefer to drink over the brand names. Finally, we keep a good range of equipment for your everyday brewing need & with Essencia's complete range on hand, if we haven't got it, we can get it in within a few days.

Other products and services from Aussie Pool Cues

Personalized and Corporate Promotional Pool Cues from Aussie Pool Cues thumbnail

Personalized and Corporate Promotional Pool Cues

Personalized & Corporate Pool Cues made to order in Australia.


Online Store

With our online store being an Ebay store, you can feel protected, as well as having a multitude of payment options.

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Licensed Products & Bar Accessories

We also have access to more than 10 times the amount of licensed products that we actually have listed in our store, so if you can't see it , please ask. We can probably get it.


Corporate & Personalized Cues

We will be offering this service with numbers from 1 to 100, within Australia and larger numbers outside Australia.

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Imported Pool Cues & Accessories

As mentioned before, we offer a unique range of cues & accessories, plus we attempt to package convenient product combinations as well.

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Custom Hardwood Billiard Cues

With our cues you get uniqueness, beauty, amazing strength & durability in a world that is based on mass production. We can make our cues specifically for the buyer.