Factors Affecting Relationships

Factors Affecting Relationships from StartPoint Counselling

By: StartPoint Counselling  15-Mar-2016
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There are many factors that impact the quality of your relationship such as self-esteem, depression and stress.
How people behave and what they seek out in life is a product of their life experience.
Understanding your drives and needs is the first step in empowering yourself.
Understanding others drives and needs is the foundation of good relationships.
I believe that a desire to understand yourself and others and a desire to implement necessary changes, makes relationship repair possible.

Self Esteem: Early life experiences influence the development of healthy self-esteem. Having good experiences while growing up, is likely to lead to the development of good self-esteem. Many negative experiences is more likely to result in the development of poor self-esteem. This in turn hampers the development of self-confidence.

The Importance of self-esteem and self-confidence:
Low confidence and self-esteem results in a downwards spiral that turns life into hell. It can affect you in certain areas of your life or can have a wide ranging effect. Low self-esteem and self-confidence manifest in some common observed effects. Shyness, poor communication skills and a lack of assertiveness are good examples.

Stress: Stress is a normal part of life and has its benefits in motivating us and keeping us moving forward. The problem with stress occurs when excessive levels damage our health. Counselling/Coaching provides an avenue to examine the cause of the stress and develop strategies to change our reaction to the situation.

Anxiety Impacts Relationships: Anxiety is the body’s response to everyday problems. However, when this reaction becomes excessive or is not appropriate for the situation, then the anxiety becomes an issue.

Fortunately the symptoms are manageable through examining the issues causing anxiety, understanding the meaning that you are attaching to the issues and introducing techniques to deal with situations as they arise.

Depression: Depression has a negative effect personally and on all of your relationships. When you are depressed you tend to withdraw from relationship and this overtime will hurt the other person in the relationship.

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