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By: StartPoint Counselling  27-Jun-2014
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Relationship Counselling assists individuals and couples with problems that they are experiencing in their relationships. The counsellor meets with all parties involved to assist them to find ways to resolve any area of difficulty, by empowering them through developing new strategies and solutions.

Sometimes only one partner has a desire to attend. In this situation, the attending partner can gain some relief, by being able to talk about the issues and gain insights into skills that may help resolve the relationship problems.

The sooner that you address the difficulties in your relationship the better, as these issues tend to get worse if left unresolved.

Does relationship counselling work?

The short answer is yes, particularly when both partners apply themselves to the process of counselling. Even very unhappy marriages have a good change of turning around and becoming happy and fulfilling.

There are many assumptions and misconceptions about what relationship counselling is and whether it can really help. One of the principle misconceptions relates to the belief that relationship counselling is no different from getting advice from your friends.

There are many reasons why friends cannot provide the same support as a relationship counsellor. Here are a couple

1. Friends are happy to give you some support and advice, but to rescue a marriage they are likely to be out of their depth 2. Friends are not trained to deal with the complexities of people’s lives 3. Friends are unlikely to want to take on the responsibility for working with you to rescue your marriage.

The major benefit that relationship counselling provides that friends cannot, is safe, managed, confidential environment where both partners can express their thoughts and feelings without the threat of judgement and blame. Frankly, this alone brings some relief from the stress of the relationship problems.

This safe and managed environment, provides a time and place where difficulties can be discussed and resolved, without the threat of further damage to the relationship.

Values, that is what each partner wants in life, has a huge effect on the relationship and a lack of understanding of what these values are and how each partner's values interact with the others, is often detrimental to the smooth functioning of the relationship.

Many times, emotional baggage picked up over time, can be contributing to some of the issues occurring in the relationship.

In relationship counselling the focus is on things that work specifically for your relationship. Through learning and understanding what is contributing to the relationship problems, each partner acquires the knowledge and skills that work for them in their marriage.

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Keywords: Affordable Counselling

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