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By:  30-May-2013
Keywords: Business Planning, Business Values

A business valuation is an opinion, not a fact. It is an economic concept that concludes the most likely price to be arrived at by a seller and a buyer. Readers will probably be aware that there often wide variations in the opinions of a business value. In our view, business evaluation really should reflect the market. And the market is best known by those actively involved in the selling and buying all businesses; knowing what the buyers will pay and what sellers will accept. That's way, opinion is likely to closely resemble reality. Business valuation is a rigorous process, applying sound reasoning, care and diligence to the information and data available. The information and data to be assessed should include non-financial, financial and business sales, along with accepted valuation methodologies, and a selection of appropriate methodology to the particular valuation being undertaken at the time. The saying 'price is what you play, value is what you get' applies equally to business valuations. The 'cut price' option may not be a good idea if the business valuation is going to be used for a major decision. 'Armchair' assessments have their risks. But, it is an individual's choice. If you need a Business Valuation or Business Appraisal of Possible Selling Price Range, please contact me

Keywords: Business Planning, Business Values



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