Dr Melissa Buttini gynaecologist

By: Dr Melissa Buttini  27-Dec-2015
Keywords: Private Hospital, Laparoscopic Surgery, Infertility Treatment

What I offer you: I have nearly 30 years experience in general medicine. After graduating in 1986 and serving my internship at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, I was seconded by the Queensland Government to serve as the medical superintendent of Alpha Hospital in remote central Queensland. After 5 years service here I decided to commence training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. I was awarded the Gold Medal for the highest marks in the Royal Australian College of O&G first part specialist examination in 1993. During my 6 years of post graduate specialist training in the Queensland Health Service, I served at a number of Queensland Hospital sites, including 4 years at The Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital, and also worked with The Flying Obstetric and Gynaecology Service in rural Queensland. Since 2000 I have been in private practice at The Wesley Hospital, Auchenflower. During my career I have performed over 5000 procedures, inserted over 3000 Mirena IUD's, published papers related to my area of specialty, and served on the Medical Advisory Committee of the hospital. My years of experience in my field have given me the insight and knowledge to help patients suffering from heavy painful periods and other conditions find the most suitable solution to their complex problems, and my philosophy is that the patient, properly informed of all the alternatives, will choose the treatment that she feels is most appropriate to her. My services include: Colposcopy (for investigation of abnormal smears) LLETZ procedure and cone biopsy for high grade abnormalities IUD insertion for contraception and management of heavy periods Hysteroscopy for diagnosis of heavy bleeding, removal of polyps, and resection of submucous fibroids Endometrial Ablation for heavy periods Laparoscopy for treatment of endometriosis, diagnosis of infertility problems and removal of benign tumours Laparoscopic tubal ligation for permanent contraception Menopause advice Diagnosis of vulvovaginal disorders Adolescent Gynaecology I have operated with A/Professor Christopher Maher, pelvic floor reconstructive surgeon and urogynaecologist since 2000. I have a close working relationship with the Gynaecologic Oncology team (surgical and medical) at the Wesley Hospital Auchenflower for the ongoing treatment of my patients diagnosed with cancers. My patients who desire and need it have access to the Interventional Radiologists that perform fibroid embolisation at The Wesley Hospital. My patients who become pregnant have access to the excellent Obstetric team at The Wesley Hospital (I ceased Obstetric practice myself in 2004). The Wesley Hospital is a private tertiary referral hospital with comprehensive services available to my patients. Learn more about it here.

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