BOOKS and more BOOKS, don't you just love it.

Keywords: Love/Forgiveness/Awareness/ Personal Trainer/Life Coach/Motivational Mentor/Self-Empowerment/Healer/

Hi Everyone, Being a Writer-Author is one of the most exciting things I have done in my life, when I first published my first book called Entrapment which was created from all the seminars and workshops I presented, was my way of sharing knowledge to the world. Entrapment has five main chapters: 1- Human Ego. 2- Human Fear. 3- Personal Responsibility. 4- Human Love. 5- Truth. It starts of with the Introduction to the reason Entrapment was created, and how it can help any individual transform themselves and there world in becoming more peaceful, understanding why they created their pain or misery in the first place. Entrapment is written in simple plain English so anyone no matter what their age is, will comprehend its contents. My new book The Book of Knowledge-I am Alien, was compiled over a twelve year period and published in November 2014. It consists of seventy four stories, with over four hundred questions and answers from people all over the world, plus eighty affirmations written by me, it consist of 1053 pages. Both my books can be purchased directly from me and a message written in the books and signed, or go on line and bye them vie the internet. I am currently working on my forth book called: The Dream Assassin, which is my first Fiction book with a touch of reality, it is full of Magic, Supernatural, Lots of Action plus Drama and a Thriller to cap it of. This book is being created so it will be made into a movie, that's why I am beyond excitement in it's completion by August 2016.

Keywords: Love/Forgiveness/Awareness/ Personal Trainer/Life Coach/Motivational Mentor/Self-Empowerment/Healer/



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