Biggest Loser Challenge

Biggest Loser Challenge from Northside Fitness

By: Northside Fitness  05-Sep-2013
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12 week weight loss challenge: "I've been attending training sessions with Nick for quite a while and, although my general fitness had been gradually increasing, I finally had to admit to myself last year that my one session every Monday morning just wasn't enough. So, I initially started going to a couple of the morning group sessions. Then in October, Nick announced that he was running a 12 week Biggest Loser Challenge so I said "Yeah, I'll be in that" and what a great experience that turned out to be. It was just the incentive I needed to actually start making those lifestyle changes that I've been talking about for far too many years. During the course of the 12 weeks, I increased the number of training sessions I did each week and began keeping a closer watch on my diet. I have always enjoyed Nick's training sessions so doing a couple more each week really wasn't much of a problem and I found that the weekly motivational talks by Nick about healthy food choices helped keep me on track. The other BIG benefit I got from doing the challenge, apart from losing lots of weight and increasing my fitness, was to meet a group of really nice people. I found that everyone, whether they were participating in the challenge or not, was very friendly and supportive. Over the 12 weeks, I increased my training sessions from one or two a week to six a week, plus I was regularly walking home from the station (about an hour). I changed my diet to include more fruit and veg and much less of everything else and I tried to eliminate all alcohol and replace it with water. Nick constantly reminded us to "drink more water - water is our friend". I think I drank more water in those 12 weeks than I had in the previous 2 years. So was it worth it? Of course it was. I’m now lighter, fitter and healthier then I’ve been in a long while. But the real challenge is what I do for the next 12 weeks, and the 12 after that and so on. But Nick has already been discussing this with me, making suggestions, providing encouragement to help me stay motivated and offering to let me continue to weigh-in each week so that "we" can keep an eye on my progress. Thanks Nick!!!" Peter, Arana Hills

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