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By: Rhianna Smith Naturopath  23-Mar-2011
Keywords: Lose Weight, Health Supplements, Alternative Medicine

Introducing Rhianna Smith, Urban Shamans Naturopath and Nutritionist.

Naturopathy and Nutrition are highly interlinked and the combination of the two modalities gives Rhianna a significant advantage in her ability to design personalised treatment plans for her patients.

"What I love to give my patients is a unique choice. Any kind of healing is done in partnership; patients have the right to choose their form of treatment. Some prefer using food as medicine, others nutritional supplements or herbal medicines. Everyone is UNIQUE and as a result every treatment plan is UNIQUE!"

Due to the unique combination of herbalism, naturopathy and nutritional medicine, Rhianna treats a wide variety of health conditions. Her areas of specialty include:
Allergies and allergic conditions
Stress and anxiety
Energy and detoxification
Female reproductive problems
Weight loss and anti-aging
Children's health and learning
Digestive disorders

Rhianna uses a variety of traditional and modern scientific analytical tools to help her identify the underlying cause associated with situations of dis-ease. 

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Diet Advice, Flower Essences, Health Supplements, Herbal Medicine, Herbalist, Iridology, Lose Weight, Natural Therapy, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Weight Management

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