Tailored Seismic Software now Availabe for Geothermal Exploratoin

Tailored Seismic Software now Availabe for Geothermal Exploratoin from XDT - Ten Dimensional Technologies

By: XDT - Ten Dimensional Technologies   14-Dec-2010
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XDT - Ten Dimensional Technologies is proud to announce the release of their analytical resources to the geothermal industry. According to XDT cofounder Alex Miller, "These tools have the capabilities to completely revamp how geothermal exploration is carried out." XDT software performs intricate analytical computations that give insight to many subsurface qualities.

Leading seismologist, Dr. Jonathan Lees, originally developed these seismic programs to be used personally on academic research. Fed up with expensive convoluted software, Dr. Lees began building programs to perform tasks specific to seismic analysis. These tools grew and have been used in multiple scientific publications in established journals including the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research.

Programs like RSEIS perform tasks including time series analysis, spectrogram plotting, event location, attenuation calculations and more. XDT expresses this type of data processing is critical in successful geothermal drilling. In multiple explorations, Dr. Lees has used these programs to provide accurate information on subsurface qualities including:

  1. Three-dimensional imaging of velocity, attenuation, anisotropy, porosity, permeability and crack distribution
  2. Fracture information that includes locations, sizes and orientation
  3. Local Seismic responses from injections and drilling
As energy demands increase, more alternative resources must be found. XDT stands on the forefront of geothermal exploration through their developed seismic software. For more information on geothermal software development, visit XDT at http://www.xdtek.com.


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