Seismic Imaging of Geothermal Field at Krafla, ICeland Using Shear-wave Splitting

By: XDT - Ten Dimensional Technologies   14-Dec-2010
Keywords: Data Processing, Data Capture, Mining and Exploration

Seismic Imaging of Geothermal Field at Krafla, ICeland Using Shear-wave Splitting
Tang, C., Rial, J.A., and Lees, J.M., 2008
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research

Shear-wave splitting is emerging as a useful exploration method for geothermal reservoirs as it can detect the geometry of the fracture system, the intensity of cracking and possibly, changes in fluid pressure within the reservoir. The method is based on the analyses of polarizations and time delays of shear-waves that have been distorted by the anisotropy of the medium through which the seismic waves have propagated. Observations of shear-wave splitting within the Krafla-Leirhn├║kur geothermal field, Iceland, using a 20-station 3-component portable seismic array have provided
evidence for at least two major crack systems of microfractures, oriented approximately N-S and E-W. Located microearthquakes align roughly along the E-W direction of the geothermal field, with shallow focal depths mostly around the injection well, probably related to the ongoing injection. This unexpected direction is however consistent with results from a simultaneous MT (magnetotelluric) survey.

Keywords: Data Capture, Data Processing, Earthquake Hazards, Earthquake Software, Enhanced Geothermal Systems, Geophysical Consulting, Geothermal Exploration, Mining & Exploration, Mining and Exploration, Mining Exploration, Seismic Analysis, Seismic Companies, Seismic Software,

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