Vega Steam cleaner

Vega Steam cleaner from Bio Steam

By: Bio Steam   01-May-2013
Keywords: Carpet & Flooring, House Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning

The equipment will tackle many different tasks, both industrial and commercial At 9 bar of steam pressure and a temperature of 175 degrees Celsius it will clean dirt out of every pore of the surface you are cleaning. You will be amazed at the results when cleaning with steam are floor tiles and grouting, window, door tracks and fridge seals, and it will easily tackle heavier jobs such as cleaning extractor hoods bar-be-ques, ovens and grills. How does it work? Specialised cleaning tools help dry vapour steam penetrate even the smallest pores, degreasing, killing bacteria and forcing dirt and debris to the surface – without any chemicals! When an extra cleaning boost is needed, a small amount of food-safe detergent is injected to suspend the dirt. Dirt and debris can be vacuumed away, leaving slip-free, instantly dry, sanitised surfaces. The great thing about cleaning with steam is that contact with steam will instantly kill all bacteria, so that everything will be sanitised as well.

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