By: Aurora Consulting  20-Jun-2011
Keywords: Computer Training, Personal Development Training

“Best 1 hour of my IT career”

Uzma Shah- Director Research, Harvard Medical School Dubai Centre (HMSDC)


“I am confident in saying that David would be the best applications trainer in Australia at this time.  I have over 60 contractors who I use for applications training and none are as professional, flexible or knowledgeable.”

Guy Newman- Director, Newmemory


“Aurora has a vast amount of knowledge in desk top applications as well as soft skills such as Time Management and Delegation Skills – all feedback is always positive, plus, staff put into practice” what they teach them.”

DanielleZietsch-CorporateLearning Centre Lead, Hatch Engineering


“A huge success is your accelerated training method which really guarantees a much better retainer of information than any other method I have seen before. Thanks again for being an excellent IT trainer.”

PetraFischer-Training Manager, ACC


“The course was fantastic. I emailed all the documents I made during the course to myself to look over and be proud of!! As well as to remember all the different things the software is capable of.”


“I loved it Melissa. It is not often that I find this kind of training useful and relevant. Dave had a wealth of knowledge not only for the course topic but also other general things which made the whole course more enjoyable..”


“The trainer was the best trainer I have had the privilege to have sat in on”.”
Staffof: MelissaTyshing-IT Training & Development Manager, Blake Dawson Waldron


“You are probably aware that I have spent most of my career in the training industry with lots of experience in training evaluation. I don't think I've seen a more polished performance than that delivered by the Aurora trainer yesterday. What a find!”

Julie Horlyck-Administrator, Bankstown City Council


“Your enthusiasm during the day, your passion for your goals has inspired me to take a look at what I am doing and where I want to go.”

Tiffany Brieschke-PA - Brad Steele (GPD) & NEA Civil Team


"Enthusiasm and vast knowledge of the subject, and humerous asides
throughout the day, kept us very focused and interested. I did learn alot,
and have been slowly practicing my new skills on our trial database."


Eric Tsobanis- B.Sc.N., MBA - CO.20 Trial Coordinator NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre

Keywords: Computer Training, Personal Development Training