Why is Personal&Professional coaching in a high demand?

Why is Personal&Professional coaching in a high demand? from GO Coaching

By: GO Coaching  22-Jan-2016
Keywords: Coaching, Personal Development, Life Coaching

Why Is Personal and Professional Coaching in Such High Demand? Before we define coaching, let's first look at why it's so very popular today. In the midst of continual change and development, people rarely get stuck merely because they lack some key piece of information or some precise procedure from a course or a book. Rather, they often get stuck in how they think and feel about themselves or their situations in life and work. People are getting stuck a lot lately. Let's look at some of a major reasons why: - An explosion in the use of global telecommunications has opened up new markets around the globe and this has dramatically increased competition among businesses. - To be more competitive, businesses are becoming more responsive to customer needs, including by reorganizing and decentralizing around flatter organizational structures. - In addition, organizations are becoming much more sensitive to the different values, opinions and perspectives in the new marketplace and work environments. - Consequently, to work effectively, organizations and employees must be continually open and adapting to feedback from their markets and other environments. (This is called continuous learning.) - Results of this rapid change include more highly complex challenges and problems in our lives and work. - Traditional means to addressing these challenges and problems aren't working as well as needed. - For example, the traditional top-down and autocratic style of leadership isn't compatible with remaining open to feedback and learning. - Complex problems can't be solved by experts and gurus who lead followers through highly analytic and rational approaches. - One-shot training sessions, such as seminars and workshops, aren't as effective in helping learners to continually learn from their experiences. - Consequently, businesses are demanding that training and development services be much more effective in helping people to "learn how to learn" (continuous learning) and apply that learning to the workplace. - All of these issues are occurring at the same time that many of us are seeking more meaning in our lives.

Keywords: Business Coaching, Coaching, Life Coach, Life Coaching, Personal Coaching, Personal Development

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