Manipulative Marketing

By: ABLE Marketing Solutions  05-Sep-2012
Keywords: Copywriting, Copy Writing, Strategic Marketing

In this day and age it seems that all companies can claim to be leaders in their industries or have the best product available. As a consumer it is confusing, as a marketer it is frustrating. So as a business owner what can you do about it? Start by being authentic, transparent and honest with customers. Engage consumers, listen to their issues, needs, desires and find a way to deliver what they want. This forms the basis of a relationship built on trust and as we know, this is essential for any enduring relationship. Award-winning author, marketing consultant, and copywriting strategist Lisa Manyon agrees customers don’t want “hyped-up claims, overly “sales-y” spiels, hard-sell tactics, scare tactics, false claims of scarcity and over-dramatizing. These tactics are turning consumers off.” Consumers look for credibility in a company, product or service by utilising the experiences of their social media networks (forums, blogs, facebook, twitter etc). As a result businesses that employ manipulative marketing tactics are being exposed for what they are through consumer reviews and discussions. Take advantage of the digital age and use social media to start a conversation, genuinely engage your consumers and build relationships. At the end of the day who do you think consumers will buy from: the company bombarding them with sales messages or the company interacting with their customers and learning about what they want?

Keywords: Copy Writing, Copywriting, Marketing Research, Relationship Marketing, Strategic Marketing

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