Pure Hyaluronic Serum

Pure Hyaluronic Serum from ActiveSkin

By: ActiveSkin   17-Jul-2014
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Helps the skin retain moisture Decreases deep wrinkles Promotes suppleness, elasticity, and youthful skin tone. While low molecular weight HA permeates the skin for deep hydration and collagen stimulation, the high molecular weight HA forms a thin invisible barrier on the skin’s surface, pulling moisture from the air and hydrating the skin for greater suppleness, firmness, and a more youthful appearance. Hyaluron8 Serum is a combination of the two, which assists in retaining moisture within your skin. As we age, HA levels decline. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) plays a key role in hydrating skin cells. In fact, 50% of the HA in the body can be found in the upper layer of the epidermis and the connective tissue. Without adequate levels of HA in the skin (50 years old and up are estimated to have less than half the amount of HA they had in their youth), the skin appears wrinkled. In addition, amajor featureof aged skin is fragmentation of the dermal collagen matrix and low production levels of collagen and high levels of collagen-degrading enzymes. This imbalance advances the aging process in a self-perpetuating, never- ending deleterious cycle. Increasing levels of HA, a superior hydrating element, in both levels of the skin by way of topical serum such as Hyaluron8 Serum, can have a profound effect on the firmness, suppleness, and general appearance of the skin. Additionally, HA balances collagen production and degradation, and thereby, slows the aging process. The result: firmer, greater suppleness and reduction of wrinkles due to volume restoration. KEY BENEFITS OF HYALURON8 SERUM •Stimulates collagen 1 synthesis •Maintains skin hydration •Increases skin’s suppleness & firmness •Decreases deep wrinkles •Has positive effects on detoxification mechanisms and tautness of the skin

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