Vitroglaze from Cyndan Chemicals

By: Cyndan Chemicals  01-Sep-2011
Keywords: Glass Protection Coatings

Non-stick, easy clean nano-coating
Prevents: Etching & Deterioration.
Caused by: Salt spray, Chlorine, Pollution, Hardwater deposits, Contaminants. 

The seemingly smooth surface of glass consists of microscopic ridges and valleys which creates a favourable environment for the buildup of contaminants such as soap scum, hard water deposits and grime. In time, the glass surface will visibly dull and become difficult to clean. This will result in high maintenance and premature replacement costs due to deterioration.

Vitroglaze is a permanent coating that prevents the adhesion and buildup of contaminants onto the glass surface. It also provides water and oil repellant properties.

Working similar to non-stick cookware, your glass become easier to clean, without the need for harsh chemicals. Vitroglaze saves valuable time and effort, guaranteed. 

For use on:
✓ Glass buildings.
✓ Marine glass.
✓ Balustrading.
✓ Showerscreens.
✓ Tiles & vitreoussurfaces.

Part of the CYNDAN Green Range. Suitable for use in food preparation areas.

Keywords: Glass Protection Coatings