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By:  11-Apr-2011
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Your business has its own unique identity, a DNA that is instantly recognisable by your current customers, but may not be effectively imparting key messages or attributes about your product or business to attract any new customers.

At we can help you recognise your brand’s uniqueness, key messages, and how to build strong brand recognition in the market.

The creation of a branding strategy is the first step in getting a business off the ground fast. A good strategy recognises the unique attributes of your brand or company relative to your competitors, and market forces that may impact on product placement, promotion and pricing.

Once the identity is identified, and the selling points articulated to customers, it is possible to build market share and brand strength. The identity of any organisation is complex: it can refer to the nature of its products or services, the unique sales proposition including its position relative to competitors, or the shared values and ambitions of its employees. We can help you identify all the factors and create the strategy for building success.

Consider what you want to tell your customers about your business or your brand, what you want them to remember first and foremost, and where your brand is positioned relative to your competitors.

A well designed logo is an integral part of branding strategy. It will attract the attention of your customers and build instant recognition for your brand. It tells your customers instantly about your products, your services, and the strength of your organisation relative to your competitors. The logo has to be memorable, recognisable and impart key messages and product attributes that will support the overall brand image.

A strong visual link can be created for a family of brands through choices in typeface and colour schemes used repeatedly in websites, literature, and advertising to build instant recognition. Colour can have a positive or negative impact on the emotions and recall of your customers, and the whole effect should embody instantly every key message about your brand or organisation.

Every aspect of promotional activity from a high-profile advertising campaign to the design of a promotional pen will be less effective if there is a weak visual emblem. The detailed management of a visual identity is equally important as the management of other business assets such as finance or human resources.

When all of the visual elements of an organisation work together in unity, the investment in its identity is protected and the overall image becomes one of quality and strength. A well thought out branding strategy is a certain way to build your product profile and unlock potential sales.

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