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By: City Mercantile   02-Jul-2012
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Skip Tracing A person who has gone missing can often be found through a process called skip tracing. There are many reasons why people may disappear, for example having bad debts, abusive home life, mental illness, just to mention a few. City Mercantile use the most comprehensive sources of data to locate even the most elusive skips. We have access to virtually every means possible to locate anybody, anywhere in Australia and have been providing data management and skip tracing services to many companies and locally-owned businesses alike since 1997. The majority of businesses that try our services, retain our services, because we understand the challenges businesses confront when attempting to enhance productivity, security and efficiency. We can boast a success rate in excess of 80% providing an efficient cost effective service to locate absconding debtors. Electronic Trace: Most people go missing without a trace which is a common trend for those who deliberately avoid their obligations. Eventually these people resurface leaving electronic trails. We have many avenues to track down missing people by using computer programs and databases that are not known to the general public. Through extensive database searching our team of skip trace specialists are able to track down links and leads to new forwarding addresses. Manual Trace: In difficult matters, extensive database searching produce positive results but it is not always 100% accurate. The alternative to yield the best results is to use a method called "Manual Trace". We use techniques to endeavour that no stone is left unturned, and no person can slip through the cracks. Field calls are conducted to addresses obtained through database searching as well as previous addresses or employment to make enquiries with neighbours and fellow work collegues. We combine modern technology, collated information and useful contacts to obtain new and even current addresses. Standard Skip Trace Package $100 located $50 non locate Extensive Skip Trace Package $300 located $150 non locate Bulk Skip Trace Package Quoted per volume Note: All Skip Trace packages include a full comprehensive and detailed analysis report on how information was obtained. However, only an "Extensive Skip Trace" will include conducted field calls.

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