Debt Collection Agency recovers impossible debt

Debt Collection Agency recovers impossible debt from City Mercantile

By: City Mercantile   06-Jul-2012
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GP Recoveries were contracted to recover a debt worth $84,000.00 from a company who had gone into liquidation. The only source of evidence that was given to GP Recoveries was who the liquidators were and a director’s guarantee which had been signed by 3 persons. With saying that the directors were known to have absconded due to their departure from the company and undoubtedly the harassment of upset creditors.  GP Recoveries went to work and exhausted every avenue possible with extensive investigation, expertise questioning and gruelling the liquidators for any information that could perhaps help. GP Recoveries agents used extensive data base searches to scope for leads and the help of field agents who could attend addresses to make enquiries to locate the subjects. After days of using every trick known to skip tracers and investigators GP Recoveries were unable to locate any of the 3 in question.  One week led to two and finally GP Recoveries efforts paid off. Persistence was the key factor at this point in time as GP Recoveries had spoken with several people but it was one of these who let the cat out of the bag. GP Recoveries went in for the kill like an eagle for its prey and were able to locate a lawyer who had previously acted on behalf of one of the directors in a separate matter. This was a major breakthrough for GP Recoveries and we were able to confirm the lawyers name, position and company. GP Recoveries agent went on to say they heard word that a certain company had gone into liquidation. The lawyer admittedly responded that he acted for the company on a professional and personal level but was never informed of the company going into liquidation. The lawyer then said that they would make contact with the directors to see why they hadn’t been informed. GP Recoveries agent stated a call back in 24 to 48 hours would be made to follow up on the progress. After countless weeks and hours spent on the case, GP Recoveries uncovered another lead with the help of a field agent who had made enquiries with a neighbour from an old address of one of the directors. A phone call was made to this number and to our surprise was answered by one of the directors. GP Recoveries agent explained the purpose and seriousness of the call but this person was extremely brazen with nothing to hide and openly quoted, “you are not getting a cent from me so good luck”. GP Recoveries agent advised they had a director’s guarantee signed by all 3 directors which would evidently result in legal action against them personally. GP Recoveries agent also stated that a property search had been conducted which extracted a home owned in the name of the subject. The agent advised should legal action commence and judgement be awarded the house could be repossessed. This triggered a nerve and without another word being said the subject gave up telephone numbers for his accomplice’s raving on about how they all bit off more than they could chew, and no way was the house going to ever get repossessed. The subject then said they all should pay equal amounts to satisfy the debt as they all signed an agreement. GP Recoveries agents made telephone calls to the phone numbers that were obtained. One of the numbers obtained was fruitless as the number had been disconnected, and the other went to a message bank. A message was left on this message bank which sure enough yielded a result. A second subject came forth stating their intentions was to seek legal advice as they were not aware of a director’s guarantee that had been signed. GP Recoveries agent asked who the legal firm was and to no surprise it was the lawyers who had been found early in the piece through thorough investigation operations.  Over the next coming days documents were requested from the lawyer to prove that each party had signed a director’s guarantee and within the next working day without having to even speak with the third director $84,000.00 was collected.

If you are experiencing difficulty collecting money from your customers or anyone at all or looking for someone who may have absconded for whatever reason call GP Recoveries. We make it our duty to achieve the best results possible. Call today 02 9662 0228.  

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