Iridology: Diagnoses Thyroid Disorder

By: Samantha Farley Herbalist, Lymphoedema Therapist, Horse Herbs  25-Aug-2011
Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Naturopath, Iridology



Frances Hepburn B.A Dip. ED. M.A. (School Counselling)

a 9 Year Client of Samantha writes:


You can teach a person naturopathic facts but you can't teach them compassion, empathy and intuition. Samantha not only has technical expertise in her field but she has these latter qualities in spades.


She is a wonderful listener and I have often been surprised by her perceptiveness.


I have been helped by Samantha on many occasions. Last year she felt I could have an underlying thyroid condition and urged me to check this out with the doctor.

I had a full blood test and the first doctor still felt there was nothing wrong though I felt inexplicably tired. I sought a second medical opinion on these same results and Samantha's prediction of a thyroid problem proved correct.


I am very grateful for her suggestion and now have been found to have normal tests.


Samantha deserves to do very well in her career. She is extremely competent, caring and kind and I esteem her highly.


Yours Sincerely,

Frances Hepburn 19.6.2011

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Iridology, Naturopath

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