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By: Peace of Mind Termite & Pest Management  06-Jun-2016
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At POM based at Tweed heads near the Gold coast, we believe eliminating termite colonies on a safe, non-invasive way is the best way to eradicate the problem. Our revolutionary Exterra and Nemesis termite baiting systems do just that. There are countless reasons that Exterra and Nemesis should be your first point of call for the monitoring and controlling of the termite population in and around your home. Firstly, both termite baiting systems proactively monitor termite activity in your yard. Secondly, both reduce the pressure on your home caused by termite colonies, eliminating them. And thirdly, the baiting systems affect termites when molting, they are unable to form an exoskeleton and ultimately die.

Placed around your home, the Exterra system contains a gaseous substance, which termites adore, spread over a 2 metre radius. Linked together around your home, Exterra forms a termite interception zone, protecting your property from the encroaching threat. Exterra naturally directs termites to the interception zone, rather than your home, luring them to their “last meal”. If you choose another termite baiting system, the insects are liable to pass between gaps in the small stations, and find a way into your home. The Exterra system contains internationally patented technology, creating a barrier between the termite population and your home. Our unique Termite Interception Zone prevents termites from passing between stations, thus blocking their entry into your home.

Nemesis is another unique termite baiting system which decimates the population around your home and yard. The nemesis system is generally recommended following a thorough termite inspection performed by a POM technician who finds a termite infestation in your home or yard. Nemesis above ground stations are placed directly onto active areas, which attract the termites and result in swift colony elimination. Another option entails in-ground stations being deployed around the perimeter of your home. In this method, timber inserts which are highly attractive to termites are placed inside the external stations, and closely monitored for termite activity.

• The Nemesis baiting system presents an innovative, proven approach to efficient termite control. The benefits of the Nemesis system are:
o It is a far less invasive treatment process than traditional harsh chemical options used by other pest control companies.
o The Nemesis method is transparent, which allows for co-operative approach to termite control. As Nemesis is specifically designed to target termite infestation, the risk of harm to non-target insect or animal species is greatly reduced.
o Finally, when compared to traditional chemical-laden termite control methods, the risk of environmental damage is virtually non-existent.

Both baiting systems work by placing a device in the soil which contains timber (Tasmanian Oak) affected by fugal decay, which attracts the termite population. When the stations are inspected bi-monthly, either by the home owner or pest control technician, termite activity is detected. Once found, a bait matrix is placed in the station, then baited and monitored monthly until ultimately colony elimination occurs. We are conveniently based in Tweed Heads, not far from the Gold Coast to discuss your option.

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