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PREMIUM ADVANTAGE INFORMATION SERVICES Premium Advantage Information Services would like to invite you to take advantage of a complimentary Financial Advisor Consultation (normally billable) with a Senior Licensed Financial Advisor to answer any questions you may have regarding your current financial status and financial future. Premium Advantage Information Services (PAIS), recognises a strong need to provide a dedicated team whose sole focus is to work with you in developing the necessary strategies to secure results now and in the future. By working via our partners who are highly skilled and appropriately licensed in their respective fields, PAIS can offer you the benefit of discussing your financial position and how best to manage your future in this time of uncertainty and turmoil in the financial markets. Do you have a need to talk with an advisor about your Superannuation or Retirement Planning? Are Ethical Investments important to you? Or maybe your need is your home loan and how best to manage the mortgage. Markets are behaving in unpredictable ways at the moment - could you benefit from a one-on-one chat regarding your Self Managed Super Fund? If you would like to take advantage of a consultation, please feel free to call or email on the contact details below and we look forward to speaking with you.Financial planners working with you to achieve your financial success Ellison Financial is an innovative financial planning company based in Sydney specialising in retirement planning. As qualified financial planners/accountants we are dedicated to delivering a range of financial services to retirees, businesses and families. Our expert advisers/ tax consultants work with you to generate wealth and invest in assets to meet you short and long term goals. This is achieved through a combination of cost savings, protecting wealth, elimination of current tax inefficiencies and investment expertise. Ellison Financial Deliver's The Ellison Financial team is passionate about helping our clients achieve financial success. We consistently deliver solutions and support that lead to successful financial outcomes for our clients. EF is designed to address all your financial requirements to ensure your personal and company moves forward to realise your business and personal financial goals. A team of talented experts EF’s people are talented experts in their field and are members of the Certified Practising Accountants and Financial Planning Association in Australia. EF Group’s team has over 50 years experience in financial services includes wealth planners, tax and wealth protection. . EF’s staff have the necessary experience and knowledge to give you the strategic advice. • John Ellison: Authorised Representative 311546 • sub authorised representative of Ellison Financial Pty Ltd • for Lifespan Financial Planning Pty Ltd AFSL 229892 • ABN: 64 131 232 543

Keywords: Financial Advisor, O Complimentary Financial Advisor Consultation, O Retirement Planning, O Strategic Advice,



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