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Maqui Berry Activate Capsules from Green Health Direct

By: Green Health Direct   04-Jan-2012
Keywords: Acai Berry, Magnesium Supplements, Maqui Berry

Maqui Berry is currently the world's highest antioxidant food source. It detox, boost metabolism for weight loss, anti-inflammatory, more powerful than Acai Berry, 50x additional than a glass of red one, highly nutritional and heaps more. Available in Australia as Maqui Berry Activate - it is 100% pure and Certified Organic - in powder or capsule form. It is freeze-dried to retain its nutritional potency and the powder can be sprinkled to smoothies or just add to a filtered water. They taste a bit bland but it is good enough for me. The capsule form has probiotic added to it and is EXCLUSIVE to Maqui Berry Activate. The probiotic enhance further the absorption and helps in the digestive system. Visit this link ==> to learn more about the Maqui Berry Activate

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