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Personal & Group Fitness Training from Phil Kelly Training

By: Phil Kelly Training  30-Oct-2012
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VISION: Our dedication is to provide elite and non-elite all-round athletic development, utilising a balanced system of high performance strength and conditioning training, specific to the athlete’s functional movement patterns. GOAL: There was a time when most if not all people took pride in their bodies and their health, eating nutritious foods & exercising their bodies regularly (whether they worked out or not). Nowadays these principles are disappearing with many quick fixes and easy outs becoming more readily available which are creating a poorer standard of living. I am not about turning you off a bit of work, I want to show you it doesn't always need to be back breaking, that it can be energy-boosting or meditative, whatever you find most rewarding. I am not here to jam our ideals down your throat, if you are reading this you are here because you want to be. My goal is to offer guidance to my tribe based on our experience and teachings, guidance which can be adopted into an individuals training, health and lifestyle. PEOPLE: I understand my training isn't for everyone, our Tribe grows through common goals, mindset and team work. I understand that our tribe has expectations of me, as do those who work with us. These are the types of people you will find in my 'inner circle': those WITH the inner drive (or 'mongrel'), looking to journey further beyond their physical and mental limits; those looking to FIND and release their inner drive, whom want to endure what most average joes fear or refuse to tread. Our tribe is unique. A collective of athletes, weekend warriors, average joes, youth all striving to achieve the best out of themselves. They are focused, hard working, driven and committed to their tasks at hand and the goals they're working towards. All of the Tribe have earned their place and WANT to be apart of this experience. TRAINING: We don't utilise any one training mode but created our own unique style and system based around bodyweight, free weights (DB, BB, KB), odd objects (sandbag, keg tyre, sled), cardiovascular (skipping) and many others (bands, cables, ropes). It is all about being the all-around athlete, not to have the best singular exercise but to strive to be the fittest, strongest most well-rounded 'athlete' you possibly can be. Whether you're a cyclist, powerlifter or an office worker, having a well-balanced body and mind will bring you the specific edge to your endeavors. We train specifically to our goals and needs, but we hold one ideal stronger than any other, the human body is one entity, a chain, and it is well known that we are only as strong as our weakest link.

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