By: Learn The Basics Of Beach Fishing  04-Sep-2014
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READING A BEACH / NIPPERING The secret to successful fishing is primarily the ability to read a beach by water action, colour and current. This is best achieved from a high vantage point with a pair of polarising sunglasses on, before venturing down to commence fishing. As you look at a beach, you will discern darker shades in the water where the waves do not break. These are an indication of holes or gutters where larger predators like mulloway are likely to be hunting, waiting for smaller fish to be swept past. A wave breaking off shore is often due to a shallow point, sandbar or reef. There will sometimes be calm areas on these bars where small fish seek the shelter of shallows, and flathead lie in wait along the drop offs. Rips can be found where waves change direction and the water flattens or swirls. Tailor / Salmon like to hunt along the edges of white water. Bigger fish less concerned about shelter are in the clean water away from the zones where the sand is being stirred up as it may agitate their gills. Peak times on beaches are controlled by tide and daylight. At dusk or dawn, regardless of tide, there is often some action. A high tide with either of these times is the perfect arrangement for fish to feed. Other than dusk or dawn, the optimum fishing period often occurs during a change of tide. Most anglers prefer the change at the top of the tide although there are beaches that are most productive during low tide, especially when it brings the gutters close to shore, forcing small fish into them and into the waiting jaws of a predator. NIPPERING There are plenty of effective estuary baits you can buy but live nippers will generally out fish them all. Plus wandering around sand flats and pumping nippers is pretty good fun!

Keywords: Corporate Gifts, Fathers Day Special, Trip,

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