By: Vince Copy  20-Jun-2011
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If you require a web copy for your Home page or any webpage – look no further. I offer original, concise and exciting paragraphs that leap off the screen. A typical web copy of up to 200 words usually takes 4-5 hours to complete, but occasionally a web copy may take less time or more. A standard hourly rate and fixed price is available for this service.

This service can fix spelling errors, refine punctuation, shrink paragraphs and add spark to your web copy. Concise texts convey messages with power and confidence. The length of time required to edit a web copy depends on the quality and length of the original version. No fixed price is available for this service, but it can be included as part of a free estimated price of service. Standard hourly rate applies.

Instant messages sell – especially in ads. I get to the point and keep customers reading. Your business success relies on getting your message across; mine relies on delivering it so I get it right. A free estimated price of service is available for this service, standard hourly rate applies.

If you use my service and require web development services and technical services – I can help you obtain great quotes by putting you in contact with my business associate. For details regarding my business associate; please view my Sample of Work webpage.

A concise and eye catching sales letter grabs attention. It helps you sell concepts that sell products and services. You’ll identify the quality of a great sales letter while viewing my Sample of Work webpage. The standard hourly rate and free estimated price of service are applicable to this service.

Customers who wish to have their resume written from scratch or edited may select this service – the quality of your resume may be the difference between success and failure in the early stages of any employment application. Individuals have benefited from this service as a means of helping them reach the interview stage of the job application process. This service is charged at the standard hourly rate. Due to many variables, this service does not have a fixed price and may not include an estimated price of service.

A brochure copy must be informative without cluster of unnecessary adjectives, verbs or nouns. I can deliver colourful language minus excessive words to your brochure copy. This service is charged at the standard hourly rate. The estimated price of service and fixed price are not available within this service.

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