Stump Grinder

Stump Grinder from Echidna Technologies

By: Echidna Technologies  31-Aug-2011

SG series stump grinders are machines based on the case, bearing assembly and plug-in motor concept shared with Echidna diamond tipped HS (high speed) series rock saws. The motors in these are high power – high speed motors of either axial piston or bent axis configuration to provide tip speed necessary for efficient grinding of wood. The unique spindle bearing assembly characteristic for all our excavator hydraulic rock saws provides for extremely easy blade replacement and this together with their very high rotational speed makes them directly suitable for the cutting of wood or concrete or bitumen cutting for road and other construction works. It is just a matter of a simple replacement of the cutting blade which takes, literally, minutes. The replacement of stump grinder teeth is also very easy, fast and inexpensive.

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Diamond blade (tipped) rocksaw

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