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By: Loud Cow - Wordpress Websites & SEO Copywriting  17-Feb-2011
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Marketing online is a great way of finding new clients for your small business.

But as a small business owner it’s hard to afford the luxury of an IT Manager, Marketing Manager, Web Content Manager, Social Media Manager and so on.

You’re “it” for everything!

Plus, you don’t have the time (or $$$$$) to go back and forth to a Web Designer every time you want to add a blog post, image or page.

All you want is a professional, easy-to-update website that you can use to showcase your business in the best possible light. And hey – it’s an obvious bonus  if that website can be easily found by potential clients because of it’s robust SEO skeleton.

A WordPress website offers you solutions for all of the above.

Here’s why…

  • You have unlimited 24/7 editing access to the content in your website.

Imagine – You’re about to send a URL page link about one of your products to a prospective client – but oops – you’ve just noticed a typo. Very unprofessional – but there’s no need to panic. You can access the back end of WordPress in seconds via a personalised login, find the page you need to edit and republish it quickly before sending.

WordPress is very simple to use. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress.

  • Your content edits happen instantaneously.

As above, your content changes ‘go live’ instantaneously as soon as you publish. If you want to change an image, sentence, video or add a blog post you can do so in an instant with WordPress.

  • You want a site that allows for easy SEO.

Maybe we better re-phrase that – SEO ain’t easy! But with the WordPress themes Loud Cow works with we make SEO a wee bit easier. Our third-party themes use state of the art code and smart design architecture – search engines will  clearly see your content. SEO plugins are used to help you ensure all your on-page content is SEO optimised exactly the way you, and the search engines, like it.  NOTE: SEO takes time so if you don’t see things happening right away it is completely ok. If  you plan on relying on your search engine optimisation for business, plan to rely on your patience! This is especially so if you’re in a competitive market.

  • You want a site that can grow with your business.

There is no end to the possibilities of WordPress.  Adding extra functionality is a breeze with numerous plugins and widgetised areas. If you want to add a Facebook fan box you can grab the code provided (no coding experience required)  and have it up in 30 seconds. Super-simple without having to pay a web developer $$$$ to do it for you.

  • You want a site that everyone in the office can update  – with pages, blogs and images – not just Sally, the PA in accounts.

This is what we love most about WordPress. Everyone in your small business can have their own personal login to update pages, posts and images. All content additions can be tracked by personal logins.

This is why Worpdress is the perfect solution for your small business website.

Loud Cow knows because, as a small business like you, we want all this too:)

Keywords: Content Management System, Web Content Management, Websites, Wordpress Websites

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