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By: Loud Cow - Wordpress Websites & SEO Copywriting  17-Feb-2011
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What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is more than just writing grammatically correct sentences on a page, or writing words that work to persuade your visitors to buy, download, sign up or sing for you.

It involves extensive keyword research and competitor analysis to get your website found online by those seeking your services.

Purposes are varied – SEO Copywriting is useful for optimising your website copy, your online PR releases, your PPC ads, your business directory listings (like Hot Frog!), your blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts and more – and that’s not even the start of it.

It’s giving both online searchers and search engines exactly what they want.

It’s crazy stuff! Full on – but exciting when you see results.

Do SEO Copywriters charge a flat fee per job or hourly rate?


When enquiring about online copywriting services you should request that the copywriter provide you with either:-

a) a flat rate per project e.g. 10 pages of SEO-optimised web copy including a page title and page description for each


b) an hourly rate and request to see work done after a certain period e.g. 4 hours so you can monitor the quality and quantity of the work they are producing before you continue with their services. Include here a request for keyword research and competitor research and conclusions of same.

You might also like to see previous work or ask for testimonials from other clients.

Most importantly, you must be very clear to communicate your expectations to ensure you get exactly what you pay for.

After the SEO Copywriting is complete, will I see instant SEO results?

You’ve just paid for something – so where is “it”?

Here’s the hitch. SEO Copywriting is just one part of your long-term SEO strategy.

No promises can be made by an SEO Copywriter when it comes to rankings. Their work alone (unless they can offer extended services like link building and site architecture advice OR unless they’re into black hat SEO ) CANNOT guarantee SEO success.

No matter what anyone promises you, SEO results are a culmination of many different online and offline factors. According to all authoritative SEO sources, Google alone uses close to 200 factors when they rank your site’s pages.

That’s why it can be so scary for small businesses to begin their SEO journey and start forking out money for intangible benefits straight up.

But to survive online there’s no way around it.

Online small business marketing and SEO are mutually inclusive. Married…for better or worse.

Hiring an affordable SEO Copywriter is definitely your best start.

The first step to online marketing and SEO for your small business is to find out how and what keywords people use when looking online for services that relate specifically to your business. Keyword difficulty must then be determined i.e. how difficult will it be to rank for that keyword or phrase considering the competitive landscape.

This is where an SEO Copywriter’s talents are most valuable. It’s called keyword research.

Of course, you must also analyse traffic trends. You might be in the top 10 for the desired keyword but will it get you any quality traffic that will convert? i.e is it worth your time, money and energy?

Without keyword research and competitor analysis you’ll be pushing your chosen keywords up a very steep SERP hill.

Reaching the top may be impossible.

Hiring an affordable SEO Copywriter that can build AND maintain a premium Wordpress website is an even bigger advantage.

Because of all of the above, we know how hard it is for small businesses to begin their online SEO efforts.

That’s why Loud Cow has devised an affordable SEO solution for small businesses to help kick start their online marketing.  It includes a Wordpress Website and skeleton SEO Copywriting, Social Media page set up PLUS free web and email hosting for a year  – all for one price.

How much does Loud Cow charge for SEO Copywriting alone?

Loud Cow’s SEO Copywriting rate is set at a very affordable $75 per hour (excl. GST) – negotiable depending on your requirements. If you’re on a tight budget a flat rate can be organised and we’ll bust our Loud Cow buttons to ensure we give you as much value as we can.

You’ll get affordable SEO Copywriting that follows SEO best practice 100%.

Contact Catie @ Loud Cow for a no obligation chat on 0408 731 311 or Email: [email protected]

Keywords: Search Engine Optimisation, Seo Copywriter, Seo Copywriting

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