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By: Loud Cow - Wordpress Websites & SEO Copywriting  21-Feb-2011
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REMEMBER:  Before you start, choose a keyword that has a decent amount of traffic.  There’s no point in optimising for a search term that nobody searches for. And oh….ensure to check the competition for that keyword – you may be biting off more than you can chew.

1. Buy a Domain Name That Matches Your Key Phrase

I know it’s not always practical and will sometimes conflict with branding needs but I’ve had huge success with new domains ranking well for particular search terms because the keyword was included in the domain URL.  e.g. you want to rank for “sydney house painting”, have this, or a variation thereof, as your domain name.

2. Get Your Key Phrase Into The URL Of The Page

If you can’t have your key phrase in your domain name (Loud Cow has nothing to do with “SEO Copywriting”) it’s not the end of the world but at least have it in your page URLs. You’ll notice on the Loud Cow site I’ve a bunch of premium WordPress themes I use to build sites for clients. The URL is performing well at #4 for “Premium WordPress Themes” searches in .au Australian pages.

Here’s the URL. http://www.loudcow.com.au/category/premium-wordpress-themes

3.Make Sure the Keyword Appears In The Title Of The Web Page and in the Meta.

The title page of the above example is “Premium WordPress Themes | Loud Cow”. I’ve also added ‘premium wordpress themes’ to the meta description and thrown it in as a tag as well for good measure. The latter (the meta tag) is considered less important due to the old practice of keyword stuffing but I still always throw in a few just so long as they are RELEVANT.

You can read more on the Loud Cow website here...


Doing all this is easy with Wordpress - built for SEO!

Keywords: Search Engine Optimisation, Seo Copywriting, Small Business Marketing, Web Content Management, Web Copy, Web Copywriting, Website Copywriter

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