Chakra Light LED Colour Changing Globes with Remote

Chakra Light LED Colour Changing Globes with Remote from BeVibrant Health

By: BeVibrant Health  11-Nov-2010
Keywords: Skin Care, Decorator Items

As the brain processes information, it is believed that it causes cellular and hormonal changes.The key is that the frequency of the color may be transmitted to the area of the body which recognizes it.The frequency, or vibration, of the color is constant. The vibration can "tune" that area of the body.With the touch of the remote control device the colour of the LED can be changed, as well as the brightness and the power switch too. The bulb fits into any standard light fixing, but offers four different lighting effects and sixteen different colours. Here are the facts and features of the colour changing lamp: 
•IR remote can turn bulb on/off and adjust colours, transitions, brightness levels

•4 transition effects – flash, strobe, fade, smooth

•Access to 16 specific colours (including White, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow,
Turquoise, Purple) 
•Fits into a standard light bulb socket (E27) •Input voltage: 110-240V AC, 50-60Hz •Bulb Dimensions: 4″ length x 2″ dia. •Note: you must remove the plastic tab in remote control battery compartment before using.

SPECIAL PRICE: $45.ea + post.
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Keywords: Decorator Items, Skin Care

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