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By: Integral Approach Solutions   25-Nov-2011
Keywords: Project Management, Business Planning, Human Resources

 Project Management brief .A successful Project Manager must simultaneously manage the four basic elements of a project: resources, time, money, and most importantly, scope. All these elements are interrelated. Each must be managed effectively. All must be managed together if the project, and the project manager, is to be a success. Resources People, equipment, material Time
 Task durations, dependencies, critical path Money 
Costs, contingencies, profit Scope Project size, goals, and requirements Integral Approach Solutions understands the need to manage and balance all these elements: people, time, and money. However, more important to your organisation is the fourth element: scope. This is the most important aspect for a successful project manager. First and foremost we manage the project scope. The project scope is the definition of what the project is supposed to accomplish and the budget (of time and money) that has been created to achieve these objectives. It is absolutely imperative that any change to the scope of the project have a matching change in budget, either time or resources. If the project scope is to build a database with three companies with a budget of $100,000 the project manager is expected to do that. However, if the scope is changed to build a database with four companies, the project manager must obtain an appropriate change in budgeted resources and seek the adjustment for the change in scope. At Integral Approach Solutions we believe, you cannot effectively manage the resources, time and money in a project unless you actively manage the project scope. We will have the project scope clearly identified and associated to the timeline and budget, this making it possible to then begin to manage the project resources. These include the people, equipment, and material needed to complete the project. All the skills and experience in managing resources won’t help unless we can stick to the project schedule. Integral Approach Solutions understands that time management is critical for a successful project; we are committed towards improving your company’s growth and long term viability as a successful business concern.

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