Brilliant New Business Opportunity available to Sydney based Distributors and businesses.

By:  28-Aug-2012
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GalaxC com's brilliant World First Automated Sales Lead Generator and Request for Quote Engine technology helps to get deals done quickly and orders booked with the click of a button!


GalaxC Online is offering Sydney based Distributors a limited number of Agency Opportunities to launch its World First Automated Sales Lead Generator and Request for Quote Engine technology.


GalaxC Online is an organisation committed to the provision of real time leads to businesses generated from their powerful and innovative World First Automated Sales Lead Generator and Quote Engine technology, that is easy to use and very affordable. Targeting the small to medium businesses sector the GalaxC technology is specifically designed to ensure that business owners can realize their online business generating potential whilst retaining control of their business’s marketing and sales objectives at minimal cost to the business.


Is This For You?


The GalaxC Online license opportunity is designed for organisations or individuals who want to "sell" marketing and sales lead generation solutions that can exponentially increase the business growth for the customer. Whether it is to an existing client base as parts of your value add strategy or as a way for you to establish new client relationships the system is very much a sales tool.


The issue therefore is simply to secure appointments with qualified customers and hence the license is suited to organisations or individuals who;


a. Have an established client base who would benefit from an improved online presence




b. Are willing apply themselves to securing appointments with new customer prospectsInvestmentNegotiable but very affordable, based on industry and territory.


Location Details


GalaxC Online makes it easy to provide lead generation services to your Sydney based clients using our World First RFQ technology and unique online tools and processes.


Marketing Support


Advertising and/or marketing activities will be agreed mutually.


Training Provided


Licensees will receive one week of classroom based training and have access to ongoing training that will be delivered via online conferencing systems. In addition, Licensees will be assigned a mentor who will work with you to develop your business, train your staff and provide other support as may be required. Licensees also receive access to a comprehensive extranet that provides process guides and communication templates for staff using the system.




This is a sales and consulting business not a technology heavy business like most online licenses. The major attraction of this system is that it requires no understanding of the technology associated with the system and hence has you productive immediately. Use your sales and consulting skills to build a significant new revenue stream by adding lead generation and related consulting services to your business, using a system that will immediately differentiate you from other providers.


Length of Agreement


The initial agreement is for 12 months with an option for automatic renewal upon the achievement of specified and mutually agreed performance levels. A renewal fee will be agreed upon the successful completion of the first year’s performance targets and an option for the full refund of the renewal fee based on agreed performance targets will be put in place.




The principals of GalaxC Online bring to the table their own unique set off skills within three key areas of competence.


As a combination those skills and insights have resulted in -


- A technically robust and flexible software solution with patents pending in Australian and other developed and emerging countries.


- A system that allows for full creative license in relation to design.


- A technology that provides the non-technical business person with total control over their unique lead generation Dashboard.


About the Opportunity


Small to medium business owners continually tell us that their experiences in finding new business through existing methods such as using the yellow pages, lead generating sites and either developing or managing their website have been a nightmare. The process took too long, the initial expense was disproportionate to the return.


The GalaxC Online system is specifically designed to remove those frustrations and immediately differentiates us from the average provider in this space. Within the first meeting potential customers are provided with access to a unique Dashboard they can use to determine the types of leads that they wish to receive, when they wish to receive the leads and from which geographical regions they wish to receive the lead from.


The license opportunity will be released on a “restricted” basis and is designed for businesses or individuals who;


1. Have an existing network of customers who would benefit from increased flexibility and/or functionality from their website.


2. Are industry specialists who are credentialed and credible and want to create an industry specific business lead generation solution and take that product to market.


3. Individuals who want to offer automated quote engine and hot lead generation service as a new client acquisition or existing client retention strategy.


The license opportunity is designed in such a way that the licensee sells and GalaxC Online completes all of the implementation and back office duties for the business clients on behalf of the licensee. The monthly service calls (optional) are designed to generate additional revenue opportunities, protect the client relationship and generate referrals.


For all expressions of interest, please contact GalaxC Online on 0433024910 to take advantage of this very lucrative opportunity.

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