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By: Website Design Company - Broadway Infotech Pty Ltd.  10-Mar-2011
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A potential customer is drawn to your website due to the impressive design. To create a great website design, you need to work out a web design layout plan. A website with a great design, content and graphics can garner more customers and convert the potential visitors into customers.

A perfect web designing layout is the foundation of a great website and it corresponds to the business needs of a company and it comprises of the design elements. A great website design incorporates heavy and light elements effectively.

Types of Web Design Layouts

  • Fixed Layouts

Fixed layouts, as the name suggests have the same page size and value irrespective of the web browsers used by the users. Web designers can make minor adjustments on the page effectively with the help of fixed layouts.

  • Liquid Layouts

Liquid layouts have the design that varies according to the size of the browser. Web designers can effectively use the space of the browser window and can efficiently change the resolution of a screen.

These are the two main design layouts. There are otherlayouts being used by web design company. Based on your business requirements, you can choose the best layout out of the following.

  • Radioactive Layout

A web design company that chooses this layout tries to showcase the graphics and images with the help of flash. This type of layout is visually appealing.

  • Repetitive Layouts

As the name suggests, some design elements are deliberately repeated over and over again on a web page. Hence, the visibility is increased.

  • Isolative Layouts

Some web designers suggest this type of layout. This layout incorporates the design elements such as logo, symbol and product image. These elements appear on the web page according to the appropriate space that is available based on its usage and visibility factor.

  • Dominative Layout

This layout is an important aspect of web designing. The term dominative refers to the fact that some design elements such as images are displayed on the web page in much larger size. This makes the website design more appealing.

  • Symmetrical Layout

This type of web design layout displays the important design elements on both the sides of the web page and tries to blend the heavy and light elements perfectly.

  • Asymmetrical Layout

This web designing layout uses the abstract form and important elements can be displayed left, right or center in an uneven manner.

A good web design company can build a great website by using all the elements effectively.

Keywords: Web Site Design, Website Development

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